Mocha My Day Wins $5,000 Marketing Package from Quickbooks

Few global industries are as crowded and cutthroat as coffee, where it can be tough for entrepreneurs to make their mark. But small-business success isn’t impossible, as Todd Reddeman, owner of Mocha My Day, has clearly demonstrated.

His gourmet catering service, based in Alpharetta, Ga., thrives on providing a “true coffeehouse experience” at all kinds of special events, from weddings to corporate gatherings.

Prior to launching Mocha My Day in 1997, Reddeman worked for a coffee roaster in Gainesville, Ga., where he absorbed everything he could. “I learned a lot about coffee and running a coffeehouse as part of my job,” he says. “About that time, coffee carts were [be]coming … the latest craze, and I thought to myself, ‘What if I could take that concept to a different level by creating something that could go anywhere, even [to] someone’s house or office?’

“I played around one summer in my garage, building a bar setup and gathering the necessary equipment. I had my wife make me a menu of things to serve, and it all kind of came together over the year. Next thing I knew, I was at an art gallery doing Mocha My Day.”

Today, his mobile coffeehouse offers more than two dozen espresso and other drinks, which is “more than your average coffeehouse offers,” Reddeman says, adding that each beverage is made to order by a professional barista.

Marketing Challenges

Although Reddeman has built a thriving small business, marketing Mocha My Day has proved challenging. “I have marketed traditionally over the years in appropriate magazines, websites, and email campaigns,” he says. “We also have done mailings. Our biggest challenge is making sure our information gets to the decision maker.”

To help spread the word, Reddeman recently entered QuickBooks’ campaign.

“Because our service is so unique,” he notes in the entry, “it is difficult for prospects to visualize what our service looks like in action. A professionally created video would allow prospects to see what we do and how much fun it really is. If this social campaign works as well as Intuit QuickBooks works for businesses, we can’t lose!”

And lose he won’t. Reddeman’s small business is the latest recipient of a customized marketing package worth $5,000 from QuickBooks.

“I was absolutely thrilled to learn we won!” Reddeman exclaims. “I hope that the QuickBooks marketing package will help me reach my potential clients in a new and exciting way.”

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